DCAPP - Overview
In a very fast and simple way, the users from DCAPP 2.0 can set up mobile apps for data collection, which they can then synchronize with their PC or server, in order to send all the collected data.
With no need of coding, this app allows the users to create their own data collection profiles. This is perfect for different activities and tasks such as inventories, assets, transfers, etc.
Different types of synchronization might be used: FTP, Email, Dropbox or MIS Communicator are available so that each user can select the most convenient one.
DCAPP 2.0 is available for Android v4.4 or higher.
  • Do you need to install an app in other devices?
That is very simple to do with DCAPP. Using NFC or generating a QRCODE, you can share your recently created app faster than before.
  • What if the device is not with you?
DCAPP also allows you to share your app by e-mail.
The demo mode lets the users to collect up to 10 registers for all the created apps. When the limit is reached, a message will appear to ask the user to synchronize the data or delete it.
Last modified 1yr ago
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