The purpose of this manual is to help you discover MIS Communicator, to become familiar with the configuration environment and to learn the product concepts through examples.

The manual does not cover extensively the potential of MIS Communicator. To do this you should consult the manuals of the products that use the communication services provided by MIS Communicator.

Read the manual in full to learn concepts that will be useful in the future. Surely the time spent reading this manual will quickly bring you benefits.

Please pay particular attention to the security related sections when configuring your connections. There is no such thing as a good automatic security. You should understand what happens in terms of security when you create a new connection and expose network services, specially to an external network, and make the appropriate security configurations. The main security options are in the Connections Password, Encryption Type, TLS Configuration and Permissions.

What is MIS Communicator

MIS Communicator is a software that runs as a Windows service, that exposes several communication services in a Windows machine to applications on devices developed by Sysdev partners or by Sysdev through the development platform Kalipso.

These services include Gateway access to databases through ODBC or OLEDB, Gateway for HTTP requests, File Transfer, Remote Application Execution, etc. For a complete list of services provided please check Kalipso Documentation.

Did you know that you can customize MIS Communicator About screen.

See OEM section.

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