Print PDF

When executing the action Print PDF On Server from Kalipso, to Print a PDF file using MISCommunicator there are 2 alternatives of executing the print command.


The default way MISCommunicator will use to print a PDF file will be issuing a Shell Print command. This is equivalent for the user to right click on a PDF file and select the "Print" option. This will use the default application on the system configured to print PDF files that has 2 main issues:

  • It may open a user interface waiting for some user confirmation to print, which is incompatible with MISCommunicator being executed as a service

  • It will probably output the printing to the default system printer, ignoring the parameters received from the Print PDF On Server action.

For these reasons, option 2 is normally preferred.

2-Using PDFtoPrinter

You can use the PDFtoPrinter.exe file available here:

To enable this option, all you have to do, is put the PDFtoPrinter.exe file in the same folder as MISCommunicatorEngine.exe. When MISCommunicator receives the request from Print PDF On Server, it will check if this file exists in the same folder and if it does, it will make the print request issuing a command line request, and in this case the printer name received will be used, and there is no user interface required for the command to be executed.

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