View Log Database

This option allows you to query the Log of the operations executed by MIS Communicator.
This option will only be available if you enabled the Log to database option.


  • From - This options sets the start date for the Log query
  • To - This options sets the end date for the Log query
  • Where - This options sets the allows you to set additional filters on the Log query. For example you can filter on the Terminal by adding And Terminal = 1
  • Order By - This option allows you to change to sorting of the Log query
If you right click on a record on the table, you can select options to automatically add the Terminal or the SessionID to the filter.
You can also use this to Copy data from the record to the clipboard.

Bottom to top

This option changes the order in which data is added to the table

Auto Refresh

When enabled, MIS Communicator will automatically refresh the data on the table.
If this option is not enabled you will have to manually press the Execute Query button.
The SessionID is useful to filter data to a single session.
When a device makes a new connection to MIS Communicator, a new session ID is generated. If you filter by the session ID you will see only the information related to that connection. It is useful if it is along session and it has a lot of records from other devices in between.
This log is stored in a standard SQLite database. You can use other tools like SQLite studio to query this database.