In order to install MIS Communicator you can run Kalipso Setup and select MIS Communicator under the install options. There are no special requirements in order to install or configurations needed at install time.

The minimal requirements for MIS Communicator is Windows 7 or Windows Server 2012.

MIS Communicator installation is clean in respect to Windows. This means that all files required are under the installation folder, no files are copied to any other location on the installation machine.

The only configuration that will be stored outside MIS Communicator are the service settings. When you configure MIS Communicator as a service, this will actually write some entries in Windows Registry to configure the service.

What this means is that you can just copy MIS Communicator folder from any Windows machine onto another Windows machine, if you keep the same file paths, no additional configurations will be required, apart from configuring MIS Communicator service.


As mentioned above, MIS Communicator does not write any files outside its installation folder. In order to completely remove MIS Communicator from the system you should:

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