Under Products you select which products will use MIS Communicator to communicate, and set the folder for the corresponding File Transfer during Synchronize operations.

If you are only using MIS Communicator for database access or HTTP requests, you do not need to configure this.


The product code for the application that is making the File Transfer.

It is possible to add your own products to this list. To do so, edit the OEM\UserProducts.ini under MIS Communicator installation folder, and when it is ready, copy it to the root of MIS Communicator installation folder.

You can then use Kalipso SetProjectParameter action to set the client application to your own Product Code.


The folder where the files should be written to or read from during a Synchronize action.

Other Kalipso file transfer actions like SendFileToPC will also also use this folder as a base folder, see the appropriate actions in Kalipso documentation for more information.

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