Upload to App Store

The final step is to upload the file to App Store.

If you have not done so yet, you need to add your App in App Store Connect

  1. Click on My Apps

  2. Click on the + button and select "New App"

  3. Select iOS in the platform

  4. You should see the App ID you created before in the Bundle ID dropdown, select it

  5. Click on Create

Then you need to upload your App to App Store Connect, this is done using the Transporter App on your MAC.

If you do not have Transporter installed, use App Store to install it.

  1. Start the Transporter App

  2. Sign in with your Apple ID

  3. Click on Add App

  4. Select the new generated IPA file

  5. Click on Deliver button

If everything runs without any error, your App as been submitted to App Store. You should receive an E-Mail from Apple with the confirmation within around 60 minutes of your submission.

Congratulations, you have submitted your App to App Store.

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