Mobile Provisioning Profile

A mobile provisioning profile is a file generated and signed by Apple that lists the devices where an App can be installed.

Here there are also 2 approaches that you can follow to create this file.

  • Apple Developer Account If you have a paid Apple Developer Account, you can create this file in your Apple Developer Account.

  • Using Xcode If not, or simply if you just prefer to use Xcode, you will need to connect your iOS device to Xcode and use Xcode to do this.

Create a mobile provision profile using Xcode

1-Open Xcode 2-Create a new XCode project 3-Select the Single View App option

4-In the product name enter the name of the project, use kclientv50 5-Enter the Organization Name, and the Organization Identifier, for example com.yourcompany

(it is advised to use all in lowercase letters for project name and organization identifier)

6-Confirm the Bundle Identifier name that was given, since you will need this in Kalipso Designer later. If you used the options from above, it will be com.yourcompany.kclientv50

7-Select a folder and Save your project 8-Next plug your iOS device to Xcode and confirm that next to the Play button you have selected your iOS device

9-Then press the Play button to test the App on your device 10-Follow any additional necessary steps to install and test this App on your iOS device 11-Uninstall this App from your iOS device so you can latter install KClient

Once this is done, go to:

Finder and open folder "/Users/[your user name]/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles"


Open Terminal and type open Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles/

In this folder, the most recent file should be the needed mobile provisioning profile.

Copy that file into your PC where you have Kalipso Designer.

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