Development Certificate

A development certificate is a signing certificate issued by Apple, that will allow you to sign your applications for development purposes. This certificate is issued by Apple in your Apple account.

There are 2 ways to create and install this certificate:

  • Using Xcode

  • Manually create and install the Certificate

Create a development certificate using Xcode

The easiest way to create a development certificate is to use Xcode built in tools, they will create a development certificate and install it on your MAC.

1-Open Xcode and go to Xcode->Preferences->Accounts

2-Under Accounts, if you haven't already done this, click the + button to add a new account, and use your Apple ID to sign in.

3-When you have an Apple ID account, select it and click on the Manage Certificates button.

4-In the new Window simply select the + button to create a new "Apple Development" certificate. After completing these steps, a development certificate should have been created and installed on your MAC.

5-Open Keychain Access app on your MAC and confirm that you have a development certificate.

The Apple Development certificate listed is the one we will use to sign the App. Take note of the name, as you will need to enter this name in Kalipso Designer latter on. We can just take note of the part between parenthesis, in this case starting with U and ending with A, and that is what we will enter in Kalipso Designer latter.

If you want to test Push Notifications, in your XCode project go to Capabilities and add Push Notifications Capability. Note that this is not available with free Apple developer account.

To use XCode you must use the latest version available.

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