Install KClient

Now that you have the resigned IPA file you need to install it on your iOS device.

There are 2 main ways of doing it:

  • Using Xcode This options requires a physical MAC connected with the USB cable to the iOS device

  • Over the air This option requires a paid Apple Developer Accoun

Use Xcode to install the new IPA file in your iOS device

This is the easiest way to install KClient on your iOS device. Also it is the only way if you are using a free Apple Developer Account.

  1. Open Xcode

  2. Go to Windows->Devices and Simulator

  3. Connect your iOS device with the USB cable and you should see it under Devices

  4. Under Installed Apps, click on the + button and select the new IPA file

Wait for a couple of seconds and the KClient App should be installed on your iOS device.

If you have a paid Apple Developer Account, you can also use Apple Configurator Application from Apple to install Apps on the device. You can install Apple Configurator from Apple Store.

When installing KClient on your iOS device, you may need to give permission to the App in the Settings, to authorize the execution of Apps signed with your development certificate. Normally this is done in Settings->General->Device Management

If you uninstall KClient, iOS also clears this permission, so when you reinstall, you may need to give this permission again.

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