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Create additional modules and modify behaviors with the Kalipso platform, from Sysdev, in MSS - Mobile Sales System.

Gain autonomy with the MSS API.

The extensibility option allows the creation of new MSS modules, using the Kalipso platform.

Through this platform it is possible to create modules perfectly integrated into the base product in a simple and quick way. This point deserves to be highlighted due to the particularity of allowing to "extend" the MSS product, creating modules and functionalities according to the specific needs of each business area.

One of the examples of using extensibility is to create your own catalog. Each client has its own needs and branding.

With this new functionality, our partners can develop modules according to the needs of the customer perfectly integrated with MSS.

Here you can access to different areas:

  • MSS - Google Maps

  • Functions Kalipso to MSS

  • Functions MSS to Kalipso

For the "Kalipso to MSS" and "MSS to Kalipso" functions, see the appropriate MSS version (version 5.0 or 5.1) in the menu on the left.


What is Kalipso?

Kalipso Studio is a tool for developing mobile applications that does not require the use of complex programming languages, it does not have to be a programmer, it is enough to have knowledge of how a database works.

Anyone with basic IT knowledge will be able to easily build projects for Android, iOS and Windows devices (Mobile, CE and 10). Through this tool you will be able to create applications more simply and quickly and maintaining the required quality standards.

To develop the extensibility of functions for MSS, this tool is used. All examples given are features of Kalipso.

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