MSS 5.1 - Extensibility - Functions Kalipso to MSS - GPS - EXT_GPS_GetCoordinatesFromAddress
Function to get the coordinates of a place based on its full address.
Note: Uses Google Maps Places API which needs a user Key. Check MSS documentation on Google Maps Places API or contact support department.
Input parameters:
  • inAddress – Full address of the place;
  • inKey – Google Maps Places API key;
Output parameters:
  • outFormated_Address – Full address formatted;
  • outLatitude – Latitude of the place;
  • outLongitude – Longitude of the place;
  • outTypes – Type of place (restaurant, bank, … check google maps places api documentation to full list of types);
  • outPlace_ID – Place ID of the place(internal ID of the place from google places api, is used the get additional information);