​​​MSS 5.1 - Extensibility - Functions Kalipso to MSS - Document - EXT_Document_Finalize​

Function to ask MSS to create a new document based on a temporary one applying all the rules related to it.

Note: The temporary document is not deleted after the creation of the new document;

Input parameters:

  • inDocumentExercise - Exercise of the temporary document;

  • inDocumentType - Type of the temporary document;

  • inDocumentSeries - Series of the temporary document;

  • inDocumentNumber - Number of the temporary document;

  • inTargetDocumentType - Type of the new document;

  • inReloadCustomerData - To ask MSS to load all the customer information, the temporary document must have the customer code with a correct customer code;

  • inReloadPricesAndDiscounts - To ask MSS to reload Price and Discounts of the articles from all the lines;

  • inSaveAutomatically - To save the document automatically or keep the document opened, the values are: 0 - To keep the document editable / 1 - To save automatically / 2 - To keep the document in the totals screen so the user can choose between Save and Save and Print;

  • inPrint - To print the document, only applied when inSaveAutomatically = TRUE;

Output parameters:

  • outResultCode - Return code: 0 - Done / < 0 User canceled selection or error occurred;

  • outDocumentExercise - Exercise of the new document;

  • outDocumentType - Type of the new document;

  • outDocumentSeries - Series of the new document;

  • outDocumentNumber - Number of the document;

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