MSS 5.1 - Extensibility - Functions Kalipso to MSS - Synchronize - EXT_Synchronize_SendFileToServer

Function to use MSS synchronization profile to send any file to the server. If the file already exists in the destination, it will be overwritten. After sending the file, it will be deleted in the terminal.

Input parameters:

  • inSynProfile – Code of the synchronization profile to be used to send the file;

  • inFileName – File full path on the terminal;

  • inDestination – Destination full path of the file (this function uses Send File To PC action from Kalipso, refer to Kalipso documentation to further explanation of the different possibilities of this parameter);

Output parameters:

  • outResultCode – Return code: 0 – Done / < 0 User canceled, or error occurred;

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