MSS 5.0 - Extensibility - Functions Kalipso to MSS - GPS - EXT_GPS_GetAddressFromLatLong

Function to get the full address based on a longitude and latitude.

Note: Uses Google Maps Places API which needs a user Key. Check MSS documentation on Google Maps Places API or contact support department.

Input parameters:

  • inLongitude – Longitude of the place;

  • inLatitude – Latitude of the place;

  • inKey – Google Maps Places API key;

Output parameters:

  • outAdministrative_Area_Level – in Portuguese addresses refers to the district of the place;

  • outRoute_Street_Number – Address of the place;

  • outLocality_Administrative_Area – City of the place;

  • outPostal_Code – Postal code of the place;

  • outCountry – Country code of the place;

  • outCountry_Description – Country description of the place;

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