Kalipso - Introduction

Kalipso Studio is a mobile app generator. With an interface easy to use, developers but also business users, engineers, and project managers can create their own applications. The platform is available for Windows. Using a drag and drop method, you can build from simple solutions to an entire ecosystem of apps all working together, running it on different devices, and exploring emergent technologies. Deliver apps on time for Android, iOS, and Windows.

This documentation is like a course of self-training. Its purpose is to help you discover Kalipso 5.0, for you to familiarize yourself with the development environment and to learn the concepts of the product. The documentation does not extensively cover all the potentialities of Kalipso. For more in-depth training, you can always take our training services.

Surely the time you’ll spend consulting this manual will soon bring you profits. Kalipso is in permanent evolution, for which the screenshots that were used as base to this manual, can be sometimes outdated.

The present documentation refers to the version of Kalipso 5.0 build 230707 Professional Edition.

This site refers to the official Kalipso 5.0 documentation. In addition to the documentation, an area with different articles is available for consultation. To access the Kalipso knowledge base click here (although free access, registration is required).

What can you do with Kalipso

Kalipso is a rapid application generator for Microsoft based operating system, Android and iOS terminals, with special focus on mobile activity.

Supporting Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Windows 10, Android and iOS, Kalipso allows you to, in a easy and quick way, create online or offline applications. Common indoor applications are Warehouse Management, Quality Control, Shop Floor Control and Asset Management. Common outdoor applications are Sales Force, Route Accounting, Field Services, Proof of Delivery and many others.


Kalipso is composed by three main elements:

  • Kalipso Studio - Visual environment to create applications.

  • Kalipso Client - Engine (installed on the device) that allows you to execute the applications developed with Kalipso Studio. Kalipso Client also allows testing the applications on the terminal and at the end of the tests create the native app for the target environment.

  • MIS Communicator - Engine that manages communications between terminals and servers. Only Kalipso Studio is licensed. For the other 2 products, it's not necessary any kind of license.

This is not applicable for Kalipso Voice Studio and Kalipso Voice Runtimes. In this case you must have an additional licence for Kalipso Voice Studio and Kalipso Voice runtime license for each terminal.

Software such as PrinterCE from Field Software, TOMTOM or other external products, is NOT included.

Runtime Types

Kalipso has 4 main types of runtime clients:

  • Windows Win32 Clients

    • Windows Mobile (version 5.0 or higher)

    • Windows CE (version 5.0 or higher)

    • Desktop (PC) (Windows 7 or higher)

  • Android (version 4.4 or higher)

  • Windows 10 (build 10240 or higher)

  • iOS (version 12 or higher)

Most of the Kalipso features are available for all four client types. However, some of them are specific for one or two operating systems.

Please check the Actions documentation to see this kind of cases.

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