Kalipso - Using - Styles - Edit

When you click on edit a style sheet the following window appears:

As you can see the widows is divided in two tabs: Templates and Advanced and two areas.

On the left are all the available options to modify or create your style. On the right you can see a visual preview from the choices that you are making on the left. In this area on the right, various types of screen layout are available so that you can visualize with greater accuracy the colors, icons and fonts you are selecting. You will see the choices in an example template. In addition, you can also change the screen view between portrait and landscape to see how the style looks in the different modes. However this area serves to give visual cues. It may not match the final result in the project under development.

Before the two tabs are described, there are two icons on the top that give important information. One is a icon "locker" that informs if the style is editable or not (if the locker is open or closed) and another icon to inform that the style sheet is best suit for smartphone or tablet.

To access more detailed information on each of the tabs, you can choose the desired option below.

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