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A label is a portion of text that can be added to a Report. You should use this Control if you just want to present some text to the user. To add a Label, open in the Design Area, a previously created Report and then select the “Label” button on the Controls Toolbar of Main Window.


The available options are:


  • Name - Name of the Control. This Name will be used to identify the Control throughout the Project. The name of the Control can only contain letters, digits or underscore (_).

  • Text - Text that appears in the report.

  • Description - Description of the Control. This Description is for your information only, Kalipso does nothing with it.


  • X - X position of the Control

  • Y - Y position of the Control.

  • Width - Width of the Control.

  • Height - Height of the Control.


  • Condition - Condition to be verified before displaying the control.

When clicked, a list of conditions already created is accessed. However, you can add more by clicking on the icon on the right. Then a new window appears:

In the table are the conditions already created and on the right side new conditions can be added or edited.



  • Font - Font of the displayed Text.

  • Size - Font size of the displayed Text.

  • Font Color - Font color of the displayed Text.

  • Text Position - Position of the Text inside the Control. It can be left, center or right.

  • Properties - Font properties of the displayed Text. As bold, italic, underline and cut.


  • Border - To set or remove the frame around the Control.

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