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Kalipso allows you to create one application with different languages. Translate at the same time you are creating the application. This allows you to have a single application with different languages, and dynamically change the language on the field.

The set of options related to the language (or languages) of the project are described here. You can create strings to make relations between two or more languages, for example.

The options are divided into three areas. About each one:


This option allows you to adjust the same content in different languages. That is, after defining a set of strings, the content can be presented in several languages in addition to the one defined as the basis of the project.

Thus, in this area the strings that will be used in each element are created. Later, the function MLText is used to use them in the project.

To learn more about this option you can follow the link below.


In addition to the option "Multi-Language" in this option Kalipso allows the visualization of several elements of the project where there is content that can be presented in more than one language. Thus, a window opens showing all the elements that can be landed for another language. An area for translation.

To learn more about this option you can follow the link below.

Export and Import Lang

After creating a multi-language set you can export it to be used externally in another project. Complementarily, it can carry out the inverse process, that is, by importing a set of languages already made into the active project. For this purpose, you can use Kalipso's features to import and/or export languages.

To learn more about this option you can follow the link below.

After creating "Multi-Languages" strings, you can export them (for use in another project) or import a set already made for the same purpose.

To use these options you will need to define at least two languages in the project properties. To do that you need to access the option "Languages" of the Project Properties. Click here to learn more.

To see all the available Languages that can be used in Kalipso click here.

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