Kalipso - Installation

Insert the Kalipso Software CD (or go to the local folder with the installation files and click the setup file) and the following screen should appear:

If the auto-run doesn’t start open file explorer and run the Setup application in the CD.

Step 1

Click “Install Kalipso Studio” for software installation.

The other options consider accessing a PDF file with instructions for installation and viewing the folder with the installation files.

Step 2

After reading the text with the End User Software License Agreement, agreeing with the terms of the agreement, then you can click “I Agree” to continue. Or else you can cancel.

Step 3

On this screen you are asked to choose the Kalipso components you want to install. The components refer to:

  • Kalipso Studio - Application generator.

  • Kalipso Client - Runs the applications developed with Kalipso Studio.

  • MIS Communicator - Application which allows the communication between the mobile devices and the PC.

  • Kalipso Help - Install the User guide with the program. Option accessed from the File menu.

  • Icon Sets - Installs a set of icons that can be used in projects.

To fully install Kalipso Studio, leave the default options selected and press “Next”.

Step 4

Choose a folder to install Kalipso or use the one by default and press “Next” to continue.

Step 5

In this screen the general options are defined. You can choose the installation for a 32-bit or 64-bit system (depending on the operating system installed). Additionally, the system asks if you want to copy the user data from the previous version installed (Kalipso V4.1) to this version. Choosing yes, just indicate the folder where the information is.

Step 6

Choose a Start Menu folder for the Kalipso Studio shortcuts or just check the "Do not create shortcuts" option.

Then, click "Install" to start the installation.

Step 7

Screen showing the installation process

Step 8

The installation is now complete. Press the “Finish” button to close the Kalipso installation.

Update process

In the Kalipso update process, you must run the new version's setup file again.

Remember: First you must stop the MISComunicator service to proceed with the update.

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