In-App Purchase Get Purchases

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Gets the active purchase for the current account.

Action available for the following operating systems:


  • Product Type - The type of products to retrieve purchases. It can be:

    • 1 - In App Products

    • 2 - Subscriptions

  • Purchase State - The state of the purchases to be retrieved. It can be:

    • 1 - Acknowledged Purchases

    • 2 - Unacknowledged Purchases

    • 3 - Pending Purchases

  • Items Separator - Normally a character that should be used to separate items in the parameters bellow.

  • Target Count - The number of purchases returned.

  • Target Order ID - The Order ID for Android only. For iOS or Windows there is no associated Order ID.

  • Target Purchase ID - The Purchase / Transaction ID.

  • Target Product SKU - The product identifier.

  • Target DateTime - The purchase Date and Time.

Normally you should call this action when you App starts, to give user access to the purchases he as made before. For example if the user un-installs your App and the re-installs the App, or simply if the user installs the App on a new device, it is expected that the user has access to the purchases he already made. You are responsible for keeping track of the products bought and give the user access to them.

When a purchase is made you are required to acknowledge that purchase with a call to In-App Purchase Acknowledge so the Store knows that you are aware that the user as payed and you have given him access to the product. When your App starts, you should call this for acknowledged purchases, and give access to the product, but also call this for unacknowledged purchases, and in this case, give the user access to the product and acknowledge the purchase with a call to In-App Purchase Acknowledge.

Pending purchases can also exist, this means that a purchase request has already been made, but payment is still pending confirmation. If you have purchases in this state, check at regular intervals for the new state (normally unacknowledged) of the purchase or until the pending purchase disappears in case the payment has failed.

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