File Read

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Read data from a specified text file.

Action available for the following operating systems:


  • File ID <numeric> - The identification to the file that the user wants to read. The File ID used in a previous Open File action.

  • Target <unquoted string> - The control or variable to save the readed data from file.

  • Details <radiobox>

    • Read Chunck and Length <numeric> - If the user wants to read a chunck of data from the file, he must indicate the number of characters to he wants to read.

    • Read Line and End Line Chars <string> - If the user wants to read a line of the file, he must indicate the end characters of each file line.

  • Coded <unquoted string> - Defines if the readed data is being coded or not. If user chooses YES to this parameter, values between '<' and '>' are considered to be the ASCII value and will be converted to the respective char, otherwise nothing happens.

When the end of the file is reached this action generates an error. In this case, the ERRORCODE can be compared to -512 to know if the error is due to an end of file.

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