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  • Step - Execute the following Action.

  • Continue - Proceed the execution of the Application (until the next "Breakpoint" Action).

  • Cancel - Cancels the execution of the current block of Actions.

  • SQL - Allows you to perform SQL queries to the Application's database. The Application's database is the one used in runtime, composed by the Offline and Local Tables defined in your Project. This option doesn't performs queries over the server.

Vars Window Vars Window lets you check the content of Global and Local Variables being used by your application. Use the available Combo to select among the "Global Variables" or the "Local Variables" of one of the open Forms. Right click the Table to access a context menu with the available options.

  • Show All - Displays all the Variables from the selected context on the Combo.

  • Show Used - Displays only the Variables used by your application, from the selected context on the Combo.

  • Change Type - Change the type of the selected Variable.

  • Change Value - Change the value of the selected Variable.

The "Step" feature does not detail the "Execute Action Set" Action; it executes it as a "normal" Action. To overcome this situation, add a "Breakpoint" Action at the beginning of the Action Set.

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