Barcode Scan

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Scans a barcode with a Barcode device.

On Android and Win10, if BarcodeConnect was not called, Kalipso will try to scan using the Camera with ZXing.

Action available for the following operating systems:


  • Data - The control or variable that saves the data read from the Barcode device.

  • Type - The control or variable that saves the type of readed Barcode.

  • Timeout <numeric> - The defined timeout to the scan operation (in miliseconds).

  • SoftTrigger - Defines if the user wants to enable automatically the scanner or not. It can be one of:

    • Yes - The scanner will be enabled automatically.

    • No - The user will have to press the scann button.

The timeout is not used when using Camera Scan mode, this is when BarcodeConnect was not called and so Kalipso is using ZXing to scan on Android/Win10.

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