Set Selection

Kalipso - Form - Actions - Actions Description - Group Controls - Set Selection

Selects the specified item on a control.

Action available for the following operating systems:


  • Control - The control that you want to set the selection of.

  • Selection Type - The type of selection you want to make. It can be one of:

    • By return value - You'll specify the return value of the item you want to select.

    • Value <string> - The return value, specified in the Control's content, of the item you want to select.

    • By index - You'll specify the index of the item you want to select.

    • Value <numeric> - The index of the item you want to select.

Specify 0 to unselect the Control.

Indexes in Kalipso always start in 1.

If we make a "Set Selection" to a table and immediately after, we use an Action like "Table Get Column Value" without specifying the line index (therefore passing the value zero), Kalipso returns an error, saying: - Trying to get value from selected line, but there is no selected line! This happens because the Action "Set Selection" sends a message indicating that a selection should be done, but Kalipso doesn’t control when this selection is done. So Kalipso tries to execute immediately an action that doesn’t work by message. This action is executed immediately, but doesn´t indicates the line index and the selections wasn’t yet done. Therefore an error is returned. To resolve this issue you only need to pass the same index to all table actions where you have to use the line index and that index can be zero.

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