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Present the specified Form on a secondary dislay.

You're able to specify the starting plane as well to pass values.

This is for Android only.


  • Form - Form that you want to open.

  • Starting Plane <numeric> - ID of the Plane that you want to display when the Form opens on the secondary display.

Advanced Options


  • Variable - Local Variable of the Form to open that you want to initialize with Type and Value.

  • Type - Type to set the initialized Local Variable and also of the Value.

  • Value <string> or <numeric> - Expression to assign to the Local Variable.

Unlike ShowForm, this call is not a blocking call. So you will have 2 different active Kalipso Forms, the current one will remain in the primary display, the presented form will open in the secondary display.

SetSIP will not work on the secondary display.

You can only open other FullScreen Forms from a Form on a secondary display.

You can only call CloseForm. You cannot use ReturnToForm or CloseProject.

If you call PresentForm while a form is already being presented from a previous call, the previously presented form will be killed and no code, like Form Closed event, will be executed.

Currently it is only supported to have a secondary display with the same resolution as the main display. Scaling problems may occur if you use a secondary display with a different resolution.

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