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After creating and making available an application, corrections, improvements and new features of the application can always be made. Thus, Kalipso allows the generation of files to update the application based on a stable version.

When you click on the option in the Deploy menu, the following window appears:

When generating an update file, Kalipso asks for which devices do you want to generate the project.

The available options are:‌‌

  • Deploy Folder - Path where the update will be generated. Kalipso will create a folder with the necessary files. You can change the path.

The path shown in the image serves as an example of real use.

  • Synchro Folder - The file is saved in the Syncro folder. This is the folder specified in MISCommunicator as the product folder.

  • From device - Choose the device (or range of devices) to which you send the update.

To use the "Synchro Folder" and "From Device" options, you must have configured the folders on the server and terminals using MIS Communicator.

  • Project Version - Option to define the version of the project to be deployed. Usually is a sequential number. In addition, the option allows the activation of a checkbox which, when activated, automatically increases the version when the project is deployed.

You can use all the options at the same time.

The "Synchro Folder" and "From Device" options are related to how you use the update project action. You can define more possibilities of doing an update of your project using the action "Update Project".

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