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Kalipso - Using - Environment - Design Area & Status Bar

This page presents information about two areas of the Kalipso interface.

Design Area

The Kalipso window offers several areas. In the central area, below the menus and between the Project Tree (left) and Direct Access & Properties (right) is the design area. In this zone there are forms that are created to associate with the project under development. They can be moved freely in the area to facilitate their use and configuration.

On the Design Area you have the ability of graphically compose your Project. Basically you just have to move the Controls around holding the left button of your mouse, or resize them using the resizing handles of the selected Control.

As you’ll find out furthermore, you can arrange your Controls using the keyboard. Please explore this area by right clicking a Control or a Form to see what you can do with it.

Status Bar

The Status Bar of Kalipso Designer shows you information about the selected Form or Report (Name) and Control (Name, Position, Size and Plane).

At the right of the Status Bar, you have access to the Planes of the currently selected Form, to the Project's Languages and licensing. In the planes section, you can navigate the existing planes by advancing or retreating the existing ones within the same form. You can also go to the first or last directly.

You’ll see “Demo Version” if you don’t have a valid license, “Standard Version” if you have a valid Standard Version license, "Professional Version" if you have a valid Professional Version license, or “TTS+ASR” you have a valid Kalipso Voice license.

If your have an online license, you can log in, log out or even change your password.

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