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A critical section is a part of your application that you don’t want to be executed simultaneously by other threads. When you call “Critical Section Enter” action the call only returns if there is no other Thread inside the same critical section. After the call returns, no other thread can enter the same critical section until a call to “Critical Section Leave” action is made by the current thread. You can use up to 10 critical sections simultaneously in your application, and the Critical Section related actions have a parameter to specify the critical section identifier. Here you can give names to those identifiers to make your critical section code more readable.

When the option is selected, this screen appears:

The information that appears in the table means:

  • Index - Critical Section Identifier. You cannot change this value.

  • Name - Critical Section Name. Name that you want to give to the Critical Section. The name of the Critical Section should only contain letters, digits or underscore (_). This is the Name that will identify the Critical Section throughout the Project.

  • Description - Critical Section Description. Description that you want to give to the Critical Section. This property is for your information only.

On the right side of the window is an icon to edit the selected Critical Section. When the button is pressed the application asks:

As you can see the fields to fill are the same that appears in the table in the beginning. You can change the name and the description.

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