FTP Put File

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Puts a file on FTP Server.

Action available for the following operating systems:


  • Source Dir + File <string> - The complete path and file name for the file that user wants to put in FTP Server.

  • Target File <string> - The name for the file to be putted in the FTP Server.

  • Overwrite? - If the Target File already exists in FTP Server and user wants to replace the existing file, the value for this parameter should be YES, otherwise should be NO.

  • Transfer Mode - Refresentation of the data to be transfered. It can be one of:

    • 1 - Binary - The data are sent as contiguous bits which, for transfer, are packed into the 8-bit transfer bytes.

    • 2 - Ascii - This mode is intended primarily for the transfer of text files.

Wildchar '*' is not allowed in parameter Source File.

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