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The scroll area is a control that can contain other controls in a larger area than the size of the scroll area control. The total area of the control can be accessed with scroll bars that will appear automatically if needed. It can have Vertical and / or Horizontal scrolls.

This control area, can also be divided into Sections. The main goal of sections is to dynamically show/hide content to the user. When a section is made invisible, its space will be collapsed and it will not occupy space. For example, if you setup 3 vertical sections, and make the middle one invisible, then it will show section 1 followed by section 3.


Tab - General


  • Name - Name of the Control. This Name will be used to identify the Control throughout the Project. The name of the Control can only contain letters, digits or underscore (_).

  • Text - Not applicable to this control.

  • Description - Not applicable to this control.

  • Plane - Plane of the Form where the Control should be created. Check the Planes chapter for more information.

  • Visible - With this option selected, the control is (or is not) visible.

  • Enabled - With this option selected, the control is (or is not) enabled. It may be visible (previous option), but it may not be enabled. In this case an event associated with the control is not executed


  • X - x position of the Control from left

  • Y - y position of the Control from top

  • Width - Width of the Control.

  • Height - Height of the Control

Style Appearance

  • Background - Background color of the Control. You can set the color for the background.

You can set this value is runtime via the “Set Property” Action. You can retrieve this value in runtime via the “Get Property” Action.

On the right side of the Style section, you can choose templates with pre-defined styles or configurable ones. By clicking on this option, the following style possibilities for the label appear:

  • Styles

    • None

    • Base


  • Border - Yes or No

Tab - Content

  • Orientation - Choose whether the orientation of the section is vertical or horizontal.

  • Cell Width - Cell width where the scroll is


In this area, a list appears with the sections created. When selecting one you can configure it in the right side options.

Sections Details

  • Name - Name of the section.

  • Visible - With this option selected, the section is (or is not) visible.

  • Section Height - This option defines the height of the section

  • Orientation - You can choose the orientation of the section to be "Portrait" or "Landscape".

  • Backg. Color - The background color of the selected section.

Tab - Actions

For each control, actions can be associated. For this, with the control selected, it is possible to access this tab and associate an action to the control. For more information on the actions available and how to use them click here.‌‌‌‌


  • F2 - Actions

  • F3 - General Properties

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