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A Barcode is a field used to display data in a barcode format. You can load a Barcode field with content from a Query, a Variable, current System Date, System Time, Page number and Page Total.


Through the window that opens the option presents two tabs: general and content.

Tab - General

The available options are:


  • Name - Name of the Control. This Name will be used to identify the Control throughout the Project. The name of the Control can only contain letters, digits or underscore (_).

  • Sample Value - Sample value to be displayed in the Control when editing the report.

  • Description - Description of the Control. This Description is for your information only, Kalipso does nothing with it.


  • X - X position of the Control

  • Y - Y position of the Control.

  • Width - Width of the Control.

  • Height - Height of the Control.


  • Condition - Condition to be verified before displaying the control.

When clicked, a list of conditions already created is accessed. However, you can add more by clicking on the icon on the right. Then a new window appears:

In the table are the conditions already created and on the right side new conditions can be added or edited.


  • Type - Barcode type of the Control. The possible types are:

    • Code 128

    • Code 39

    • Code 93

    • I2 of 5

    • Rational Codabar

    • PDF 417

    • Data Matrix

    • QR Code

    • EAN13

    • Data Matrix Rectangular

    • EAN128.

  • Error Correction - Error correction level of the displayed barcode. This option is only available when using the following barcode types: PDF417, QR Code.

  • Rotation Degrees - Degrees the Barcode will be rotated.

  • Narrow Bar Width - The width of the narrow bar of the bar code specified.

  • Ratio - The ratio of the bar code specified.

  • Stretch / Skew - If this option is set, the barcode will be resized to the specified with/height parameters. If not, the width is ignored and the height is ignored for 2D barcodes and the barcode is printed with the original dimensions.

  • Native - If the printer selected is a native printer that supports barcode printing, like “Zebra ZPL”, this option uses the native printer command to print the barcode. If this option is not set, Kalipso generates an image for the barcode and prints the image.

  • Print Check Digit - Is only for Native, and if the native printer supports this parameter tells if you want to print the check digit or not.

Tab - Content

After the initial settings in the general tab, you must access the content tab to indicate the data source for the barcode. Thus:

The available options are:

  • Load Control With - Area to choose the source of information to fill the field. The hypotheses are ahead and only one can be selected for each dynamic field. The options are:

    • Query

    • Variable

    • Page Number

    • Page Total

Depending on the option chosen in Load Control With, the options below change to match the type of data to be displayed. The example shows the specific options for queries.

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