Windows Mobile/CE

Kalipso - Test and Deploy - Test - Remote Device - Windows Mobile/CE

For testing a project on a Windows Mobile or CE Device the specific window is:

Step 1

This window shows the path to where MIS Communicator will be installed and available. This application is necessary to carry out the test. If it is available as expected, then this window immediately moves on to the next step.‌

If necessary, you can change the path to MIS Communicator here.

For more information about MIS Communicator click here.

If necessary click "Next".

Step 2

The available options are:


  • Yes, Generate Data File - If you check this option your Project, Kalipso Designer will fetch the data of the server, from the tables defined as "ToPDA" in their properties, and send it along with the Project. This option is only available if you have offline Database Tables.

  • Erase Data on Device - If you check this option, it means that before integrating your Project, Kalipso will clear it from the device as if never existed, including data.

  • Update KClient On Device - Checking this option, you'll be forcing the update of Kalipso framework on the Device.

  • Target Platform - This option lets you manually define the target mobile device type, by browsing for it from a list.

  • Kalipso Folder on Device - Target folder on the mobile device, where the Kalipso framework will be installed. Your Projects will be a sub-folder of the one you specify here.

After choosing the options click on "Test".

It is mandatory to have a device with the OS in question connected to the computer, otherwise it is not possible to test by this process.

If you don’t have connectivity with the device, you can use the Create Executable or Create Folder feature that’s under the Deploy menu.

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