GS1 EPC Decode

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Decodes an encoded EPC value into its individual parts.

Action available for the following operating systems:


  • Type - The decoding type. The supported options are:

    • SGTIN-96

    • SGTIN-198

  • Value - The value to be decoded.

  • Format - The input format. The supported options are:

    • Auto - Based on the provided value, Kalipso will attempt to determine the format, by checking if it starts with "urn:epc:tag:sgtin-96" or "urn:epc:id:sgtin" If not, that it will be parsed as Raw EPC.

    • RAW EPC - Decodes an hexadecimal string. Input can be for example: 30380C0E56EB1480009FE4F0

    • EPC Tag URI - Input can be for example: urn:epc:tag:sgtin-96:1.012345.67890.10478832

    • EPC Pure Identity URI - Input can be for example: urn:epc:id:sgtin:012345.67890.10478832

  • Targets - For SGTIN-96 and SGTIN-198 the results will be:

    • Filter - The filter element of the SGTIN. If the provided value is in "EPC Pure Identity URI" format, that there is no Filter value.

    • Indicator - The indicator component of the SGTIN.

    • Company Prefix - The company prefix component of the SGTIN.

    • Item Reference - The item reference component of the SGTIN.

    • Serial Number - The serial number component of the SGTIN

This action is used to extract each of the components of an encoded EPC.

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