Nordic ID NUR Read Tag

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Reads a Nordic ID NUR Tag data.

Action available for the following operating systems:



  • Memory Bank <unquoted string> - Defines the memory bank to this read action. The possible values are:

    • EPC

    • User

    • Reserved

    • TID

    • Dynamic

  • Start Address <numeric> - The address where the read action begins. Normally it must be a multiple of 2.

  • Nbr. of Bytes <numeric> - The number of bytes to read. Normally it must be a multiple of 2.

  • Target <unquoted string> - The control or variable to save the data readed in this action.


  • Coded <unquoted string> - Indicates if the readed data is coded or not. The possible values are: Yes, No or dynamic. Use Yes if the established connection is in String Data Mode.

  • Access Password <string> - The password defined if the user uses Class1 Generation2 tags.


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