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This option allows you to add files to the project that serve to support the development of the project. For example, the description of a database or an image with a Gantt diagram. The information is aggregated to the project but is not necessary for the project to work. This is, essentially, a resource zone for the developer.

In addition, the files added here can be used in the Tasks option (learn more here).

When you click on the option in the Project menu, the following window appears:

As you can see from the image above, the window is divided into two tabs. One for adding (or delete) an external file to the project and another to define simple settings for the documentation.

In this way, the tabs allow:

Tab - Files

The tab is presented in the image above. So, you can see that the window shows a list with any available files already added or allows to delete a file.

A file is displayed for each line in the list. These files are associated to the project. To start, the following icons are available:

  • Select all - Select all files.

  • Deselect - Deselects.

  • Add - Adds a new file.

  • Delete - Deletes a selected file in the list.

When you click on add a file Kalipso opens the Windows explorer.

In the upper right corner of the window is an icon that allows access to the folder where they are located all files placed in the documentation.

Tab - Settings

In this option Kalipso allows changing the path to the folder where the files are. By default, the documentation folder is in the project folder. However, you can change the location of this folder in order not to be together with the project.

The file path information in the image is an example.

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