Get Task Properties

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Gets the value of specified property from specified Task on Pocket Outlook.

Action available for the following operating systems:


  • Task's OID <string> - The Task Outlook ID that the user wants to get a specified property.

  • Property <string> - The property that the user wants to get. Please see in the notes section the possible values for this parameter.

  • Target <unquoted string> - The control or variable that saves the Task's property that the user wants to get.


The possible values to parameter Property for the Outlook contacts are:

  • Body

  • Complete

  • Categories

  • DateCompleted

  • DueDate

  • Importance

  • IsRecurring

  • ReminderOptions

  • ReminderSet

  • ReminderSoundFile

  • ReminderTime

  • Sensivity

  • StartDate

  • Subject

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