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A Local Action Set is a set of Actions; it’s what in other languages can be called a procedure.

A Local Action Set can only be executed from the Form where it belongs, whether it’s from the Form itself or a Control. A Local Action Set can also be used by a Timer, so that it is periodically executed.

In the tab window, the information appears in a list on the left with the local action sets created. On the right side of this list are a set of buttons that allow you to work with the local action set. Whether in the process of creating and editing or even deleting. Thus, the buttons allow:

  • Add - Adds a new local action set.

  • Edit - Edit the selected local action set.

  • Delete - Delete the selected local action set.

  • Copy - Copy a local action set

  • Paste - Paste a copied local action set.

  • Duplicate - Duplicates the selected local action set. Copy and paste in one simple action.

  • Check usage - This is a shortcut to the Find option. Indicates where the selected object is being used.


Clicking on the add icon or after selecting an action set already created and clicking on edit, the following screen appears:

In the window the initial options are:

  • Name – Name of the Local Action Set. The name of the Form should only contain letters, digits or underscore (_). This is the Name that will identify the Local Action Set throughout the Project.

  • Description – Description of the Local Action Set. The description that you want to give to the Local Action Set. This property is for your information only.

  • Don't Trace - By clicking on this option it is defined that this local action set does not appear in the simulator's trace window. Not being active it will appear. Usable in the project development phase.

Below are all the actions that can be used to create a local action set (left side list). In the middle is the area for the construction of the local action set.

To understand how to manage Actions, check the Actions chapter.

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