Beacon Scanner Start Monitoring

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Starts monitoring a region to detect when that region as been entered or exited.

Beacons are a class of BLE devices. Kalipso Supports Eddystone and iBeacon. Nomenclature from Eddystone to iBeacon may vary. Please read notes.

Action available for the following operating systems:


  • Region Code <string>

  • Beacon Type <numeric>

    • 1 - iBeacon

    • 2 - Eddystone


  • ID1 UUID <String>

  • ID2 Major <numeric>

  • ID3 Minor <numeric>


  • ID1 Namespace ID <String>

  • ID2 Instance ID <String>

  • ID3 Minor <String>

The concept of monitoring for a region is to try to detect when we entered the proximity of a region or left the proximity of that region.

The amount of time to consider that a region has been left is defined in Beacon Scanner Initialize action.

A region is an abstract concept that can represent a single beacon or a group of beacons. For example if you specify a Region Code for iBeacon and you fill in only the ID1 (UUID) parameter, all the beacons that have that UUID independently of their major or minor IDs will be considered to belong to that region. But if you specify all 3 IDs (UUID, Major and Minor), then the region will actually only target that specific beacon. The same concept can be applied to Eddystone.

On iOS, for iBeacons you have to specify at lest the UUID, you cannot specify a region that is valid for all beacons.

On iOS, monitoring is limited to 20 regions.

On iOS, for iBeacons, the permission for "Location Always Usage" is required.

If you call this action with a region code that already existed, that region will be replaced by this one.

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