File Save Content

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Saves the content of a file.

Action available for the following operating systems:


  • File Name <string> - The name of the saved file. The user should indicate the full path of the file.

  • Value <unquoted string> - The control or variable where the data that the user wants to save is stored.

  • Encoding <unquoted string> - Indicates the file encoding to use.

    1. Unicode UTF-16 LE (each character uses 2 bytes)

    2. ANSI/BINARY (each character uses 1 byte)

    3. Unicode UTF-8 (each character uses 1 byte to 4 bytes)

  • Coded <unquoted string> - Defines if the saved data is being coded or not. If user chooses YES to this parameter, values between '<' and '>' are considered to be the ASCII value and will be converted to the respective char, otherwise nothing happens.

In Unicode UTF-16 LE, the BOM (Byte Order Mark) 0xFEFF will be added to the beginning of the file.

In Unicode UTF-8, no BOM (Byte Order Mark) will be added.

If the file already exists, its contents are overwritten.

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