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The Project Tree shows you elements of your project. It shows you both graphical (Controls) and non graphical objects (Database, Global Action Sets, etc). In addition there are other two tabs with direct access to a set of icons and the resources.


The General Tab gives you access to the forms created (and all information related to the selected form), the reports (lists the reports that have been created), Database (lists the database connections made), Global Action Sets, JScripts an Web Services (these last three options give information if there's any information related to them.

By clicking on each topic the tree expands and presents information about each one with respect to the project. It is a faster way to access forms and other elements of the project.

Each item in the tree refers to an option available on the usual buttons on the menu.

Context menus

By clicking with the right mouse button on the project name, Kalipso allows you to create folders to organize forms by themes or other situations and other elements such as Global Action Sets. So, just click to add a folder that will appear at the bottom at the same level as the preexisting Main folder.

You can later change the name of the folder or delete it. If you delete the folder, the items that were there are transferred back to the default folder, Main.

1. Right-clicking on "Forms" brings up a context menu. There, the options are as follows:

  • New - Creates a new form

  • Open All - Opens all forms in the design area

  • Close All - Closes all forms in the design area

  • Tile - Arranges, in the design area, each open form in a geometric tile shape.

  • Cascade - Arranges, in the design area, each open form in cascade.

  • Top Left - Arranges all open forms aligned to the top and left of the design area. They overlap.

  • Paste Form - Pastes a pre copied form in the folder.

2. When right-clicking on each Form in the tree, a context menu appears. The options allow:

  • Open - Opens the selected form

  • Copy Form - Copies the selected form

  • Paste Form - Paste the previous copied form

  • Paste Control - Paste a previous copied control in the form

  • Rename Current Plane - If there’s planes created rename the current one

  • Properties - Opens the properties window for the selected form

  • Actions - Access the actions related to the form

  • Duplicate - Duplicate the form

  • Set as First Form - Sets the form as the first. In a project can only be one first form

  • Check Usage - Checks the usage

  • Refresh - Refresh the information/actions/control/etc. in the form

  • Convert Portrait to Landscape - Converts the form’s layout from portrait to landscape

  • Convert Landscape to Portrait - Converts the form’s layout from landscape to portrait

  • Delete - Deletes the selected form

  • Reset Local Vars, Timers and Planes - As the name indicates, resets the related information

  • Add as Template - As the design included in the form as a template

  • Set Styles to default - For projects without a style defined, this option allows the definition of the style selected in the form to "All" or only to those that do not have a style defined ("Unset"). Most useful feature for larger projects (with multiple forms).

To learn more about each of the options that appear in this tab, you can access it through the links available below:


The Icons Tab gives you access to current Project's Icon set and all others. You can drag Icons from them onto a Form or Control to add or change the current image.

The icons provided are part of the style chosen for the project. They are available in different image sizes to suit different uses and dimensions.


The Resources Tab gives you access to all resources added to the project.

This tab makes it easy to use the different types of resources that have been added to the project. For the management of resources for the project, you can access the specific option in the Project menu (Resources option). Find out more here.

To use simple drag and drop the resource to the active form.

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