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Prints a specified PDF file on Server through MIS Communicator.

Action available for the following operating systems:


  • Communication Profile <unquoted string> - The communication profile in use for this printing action.

  • Printer's Name <string> - The name of the printer to use.

  • PDF File <string> - The name of the PDF file to be printed.

  • Nbr. Of Copies <numeric> - The number of copies to be printed.

  • Hidden <unquoted string> - Defines if this action runs in a hidden mode or not. The possible values are:

    • Yes

    • No

    • Dynamic

What this action does in MISCommunicator is currently receiving the file, save it in a temporary folder and run a ShellCommand on that file with the option "Print".

You can use your own Executable to print PDFs. If there is a file named "PDFtoPrinter.exe" in MISCommunicator folder it will be used to print instead, by calling that EXE with a first parameter that is the PDF file name and a second parameter that is the printer name. For example, this utility can be used to achieve this:

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