Kalipso 5.0

Create Component

Kalipso - Test and Deploy - Deploy - Create Component
As part of the development of the project, the user can create a set of features (specific code, for example) that he wants to use in another project or save for future use. For this purpose Kalipso allows the creation of components for this.
When you click on the option in the Deploy menu, the following window appears:
Thus, nine areas of the active project are available in which Kalipso allows the creation of a component that can be used externally in another project. The areas are:
  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Database
  • Global Action Sets
  • JSCript
  • Web Services
  • Comms.
  • Variables
  • MLText
In all options, what appears in the center of the window are the objects created. You can select them all or just what you want.
On the right side of all tabs are two buttons to select all objects or to deselect. In the MLText tab (Multilanguage Text) there is an additional option that allows you to view the languages that are associated with the project under development.
For the process of importing components to use in the project, you must use the "Linked Projects" option.