Kalipso 5.0
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Kalipso - Using - Styles
This option allows you to visually choose the style that suits your project. Kalipso offers a wide range of styles. You can choose them at the beginning of the project or during the course of it.
By accessing this feature, Kalipso opens a specific area where you access the Style Sheet Configurator.
On this screen you can quickly and easily see which styles are provided by the Designer to use in your project. Scrolling through the gallery, you can view the styles and, below each one, the style's screen size is available, as well as the color palette it has.
In the upper right corner you can filter styles by:
  • Device type - You can switch between a smartphone based style to a tablet based style.
  • Display mode - Change the view of the available styles in the window.
At the bottom of the window there is a set of icons that allow you to interact with the styles provided by the Designer or create new ones. Thus:
  • New - Creates a new style (opens a new window).
  • Edit - Edit a available style (opens a new window).
  • Copy - Based on selected style creates a new one (opens a new window similar to the one that creates a new style.
  • Delete - Deletes a selected style.
Designer Styles cannot be removed!
If in the top corner of the style sheet you see a locker, then it is not possible editing it (choice of colors, etc.). It can only be duplicated and then edited.


When you click on add a new style, a new window appears that asks for some basic data:
  • Name - Enter the name for your style
  • Device Type - Chose a device type that can be other "Smartphone" or "Tablet".
  • Default Icon Set - Chose an icon set for you style from the available ones of Designer.
After creating the style it is available in the main window. Then, you can edit it to check the desired look for the various graphic elements of the project.
For more detailed information about the edit window follow this link: