Set Wireless Device State

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Sets On/Off wireless (Phone, Bluetooth, Wi-fi).

Action available for the following operating systems:


  • Device Type <unquoted string> - The Device Type that the user wants to set On/Off. The possible values are:

    • Phone

    • Bluetooth

    • Wi-fi

    • Dynamic

  • Status <unquoted string> - The Status that the user wants to set. The possible values are:

    • On

    • Off

    • Dynamic

On Windows Mobile, after a BOOT on the device, the WI-FI must be manually activated. Only afterwards it can be turned on or off by this Action.

On Android 10 or higher, Apps are no longer allowed to enabled/disable WIFI.

On Android 13 or higher, Apps are no longer allowed to enable/disable Bluetooth.

You can ask the user to enable bluetooth using RunProcess with action:


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