Push Notification Delete Lost Message

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Deletes push notification messages currently stored on the device.

Action available for the following operating systems:


  • Delete - The message or messages to delete. It can be one off:

    • 1 - Next Message - Deletes the most recent message.

    • 2 - Specify Id - Deletes the message with the specified ID.

    • 3 - All Messages - Deletes all the messages.

  • Message ID - The ID of the message to be deleted when the Delete parameter is set to 1 - Next Message.

If a message is received and your application is not running, the O.S. will make the appropriate display of the message, and if you enabled the "Save messages when application is not active" option in your Project Properties, it will be saved locally on the device. You can use "Push Notification ... Lost ..." actions to retrieve the messages that where received while your application was not active.

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