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A report is a paper layout that can contain controls and other text or graphic elements. You can add a logo and create an invoice or create a label to place on a pallet or box. Thus, with Kalipso, the application to be developed can connect to a printer and print a document of various types, using information generated by the application, or by consulting a database, for example.

To add a Report, select the “Report” button on the Controls Toolbar of the ribbon.


When creating a new report, a window opens with a set of properties that must be filled in before creating the report graphically. To access the description of this properties window you can see it on the left side menu or click here.

Then, after configuring the report in the window, it appears in the design area and, after saving, appears in the Project Tree. The icons in the menu bar (ribbon) change to show the controls that can be added to the report. So, you see a blank window to build the report.

The report example shown in the image above reflects specific dimensions. According to the characteristics defined in the properties, the window with the blank report is adjusted.


On this option, two specific areas are available: one on the properties of the Report and the other with the controls associated with the creation of a report. You can access them at the following links:

When you right-click on an area without information or control in the report, the following popup menu appears:

  • Copy Report - Copies the report.

  • Paste Report - Paste a copied report.

  • Paste Control - Paste a copied control.

When you right-click on a control in the report, the following menu appears:

There you can access the following options:

  • Copy - Copies the control

  • Paste - Paste a copied control

  • Cut - Cut the seleted control

  • Lock - Lock the control's position in the report

  • Group - Groups the set of selected controls into a single group

  • Delete - Deletes the selected control

  • Properties - Access the properties of the selected control

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