Looper Add Line

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Adds a new item to a Looper control. If the Looper is connected to a database, this will have no effect on the database. The item will only be added to the Looper control.

Action available for the following operating systems:


  • Looper Control - The Looper control where to add the new item.

  • Line <numeric> - The index where to insert the new item in. If this is 0, then the new item will be added to the end of the Looper.

  • Value List <string> - The list of values to be assigned to the controls or its properties, according to the Links specified in the Looper Content, of the item to add. When the new item is added to the Looper, the controls will be created with default values and properties assigned. After the controls are created, the values specified in this list will be used to change the values/properties in those controls. The list of available controls values/properties in this action is defined in the Looper properties in the "Content" section.

This action doesn't trigger the event Item Added.

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