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A Variable is a memory zone where you can store and retrieve information.

For each Report, you have 100 Variables where to store information in. The content of a Report Variable is available only on the Report where it belongs. You can change the content of a Report Variable through Action “Print”. Report Variables are identified as RVAR().

The table presents a set of information corresponding to the following:

  • Variable - Report Variable Identifier. You cannot change this value.

  • Name - Report Variable Name that you want to give to the Report Variable. The name of the Report Variable should only contain letters, digits or underscore (_). This is the name that will identify the Report Variable throughout the Report.

  • Description - Report Variable Description that you want to give to the Report Variable. This property is for your information only.

For your own organization, you can name the Report Variables. Select the Report Variable that you want to rename on the Table and press the button to edit (on right side of the table) to edit its properties.

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