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A Form has 100 planes. A Plane can be understood as a page or layer of the Form. You can navigate through the Planes of a Form with the arrows of the “Main Toolbar”.

Any Plane can contain Controls but all the Controls placed on Plane 0 will be visible on all the others. Plane 0 is considered the main Plane so when a Form is opened the Plane 0 is what you’ll see. To change Plane in runtime, use the “First Plane”, “Last Plane”, “Next Plane”, “Previous Plane” and “Go To Plane” Actions.

  • Plane - Plane number. This value is fixed.

  • Name - Name to give the plane internally. The name of the plane should only contain letters, digits or underscore (_).

  • Title - Title for the plane that appears, if desired, in the application.

  • Description - Description of the plane.

Edit planes

By clicking on the icon to the right of the table, you can edit the selected plane.

This image shows the options that appear in the table above.

Note that the title option appears an icon that allows you to define different titles for different languages (if the project uses more than one language). Then there is the possibility of putting a title for the languages that were added to the project.

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